The Employers Playbook

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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Why are you seeing such a change in the attitude of your management lately?  Just the thought of you forming a union and finally having a “real” voice in the workplace has already put them on the defensive.

The only way to gain dignity and respect on the job and security for you and your family is to have a legal and binding union contract.

The company has been asking many of you for another chance.  First of all, they shouldn’t have to ask for another chance because they should have been treating you at least as good as their employees at the other facilities, but to quote one member of top management, “…since this facility is not union, we can do whatever we want here.”  Not only is that disgraceful but it should have angered all of you.

What you are not being told is that if you do not vote in favor of forming a union, once the election is over, by law you will have to wait one full year before you can vote again.  There is no doubt the company will shed the sheep’s clothing during this time and only they know what you will lose then.

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The Employers Tactics - "Love'em, Scare'em and Threaten'em."
The Employers Tactics:
"Love'em, Scare'em
and Threaten'em."
The Employers Playbook

Now, since your petition for a secret ballot election has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board, in the next few weeks and up until the election, the company will/has hired lawyers and consultants will start earning their money with their misleading half truths and half rumor campaigns. At this time, they are gearing up for this operation. They have met with upper management to train them on how to convince you that the IBEW would not act in your best interest. Don't blame them. They get paid to do as they are told and have no other choice if they want their job.

They don't want you to have a real voice and vote that is effective, as with an IBEW contract.
Running the Plays

Every time we offer workers the benefit of the IBEW, nearly every one of the employers do the same old song and dance. Listed below are the words to that song and the steps to the dance. It's entitled, "Love'em, Scare'em and Threaten'em."

  • LOVE LETTERS TO THE HOME:  All of a sudden, the company becomes so concerned about you and the welfare of your family that they will send a ton of letters to your home designed to be read by both you and your family. You never would have suspected this much concern by the size of your paycheck and the favoritism displayed at work.
  • RUMORS:  Outlandish mistruths by programmed management designed to mislead the workers about the IBEW. They will have their favorite employees helping them with their dirty work. They may even violate Federal law in doing so.
  • CAPTIVE MEETINGS: The herding of workers into a meeting room during working hours to listen to an anti-union speech by the company or agent of the company. The company will require you to attend these meetings. You have no choice if you want to get paid. All of a sudden, the company has become more concerned about you as employees.
  • MINI-CAPTIVE MEETINGS:  This type of meeting is where the employer calls in 2 or 3 workers or an entire department at the same time. The company's intention is to appear to become buddies or friends with you. They will appear to take a "special personal interest” in you. They may even ask if you would like to go to social events with them, such as ball games, bowling, hunting, fishing, etc. Beware of the employer’s true motives.

Why will the company take these unfair actions against the workers?

It's very simple.  The way it is now, they have absolute control of all your working conditions, wages, and benefits. They don't want you to have a real voice and vote that is effective, as with an IBEW contract.

What is a Union Contract?

It's a legal binding document between the workers and the company that sets forth working conditions, wages and benefits agreed upon and is enforceable in the Federal Courts.

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