Contract Deadline Set for October 17

Date Posted

Your Union Representatives, Bargaining Committee, and Union Counsel met with the Company on Tuesday, October 3, 2017. The Company's bargaining committee consisted of Plant Manager David Llewellyn, Director of Labor Relations Glen Wilson, and Company Counsel. The Union presented a modified wage and annual incentive bonus proposal, also calling for a no strike ratification/signing cash bonus. The Union's proposal provides for annual increases for all employees in all classifications, as well as a six (6) month adjustment to bring up the wages of those employees who are receiving lower than a standardized classification rate. Unfortunately, the Company refused to present any counter-proposals at that time.

Local 94 has set October 17, 2017 as the deadline for the Company to come to an Agreement with the Union, or if no agreement is reached, then for the Company to submit its final offer. Soon thereafter, the Union will present the proposed tentative Agreement, or if no agreement was reached which the Union can recommend, then the Company's final offer. After the presentation, the Union will conduct a secret ballot vote for the bargaining unit to either accept or reject. The majority of the votes cast will prevail. A vote to accept means that you will have a contract. A vote to reject the Company's final offer will authorize the Union to order a strike.

Local 94 is determined to bargain improved wages, and other conditions of employment. While substantial, meaningful progress has been made on working terms and conditions, the Company has not provided any serious wage counter-proposals. Local 94 recognizes the valuable work each of you perform for the Company, and the responsibility each of you accept and bring to the workplace. Local 94 maintains that you deserve fair compensation, and that means more than a meager wage increase. Only with your support can this be accomplished. Convey the message to the Company; let them know you are serious about getting a strong contract.

UNITED we bargain, for the betterment of all. DIVIDED we beg individually. The choice will be yours.