Bargaining Update: Company Offers No Gains

Date Posted

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, Local 94 and your Bargaining Committee, with Union lawyers, met with Plant Manager Llywellen, Labor Relations Manager Wilson, and Company lawyer.

The Company finally provided the Union with its proposal for a wage increase. It was disappointing as it is considerably less than current cost of living inflation. The Company is proposing that each of you go backward, especially as the Company, a Fortune Global 250 Company is growing and going forward. The Union indicated to the Company that while the Union is willing to moderate its wage increase demand, it made it clear that neither the Union nor your Bargaining Committee will agree to recommend anything less than the full amount of market wage increases.

The Union set an initial tentative deadline of October 17, 2017, for the Company to come to an agreement with the Union, or provide a Final Company Offer. Due to a scheduling problem, the deadline was moved.

It is becoming clear that the Union must now focus each of you upon the reality that a work stoppage may be necessary. The Union has decided that it will not communicate strike procedures in this open web format, but will prepare a letter which will be distributed directly by hand through your bargaining representatives.

The Union has set November 1 as the deadline for the Company to provide its final offer.  The Company has responded that maybe it will give a final offer, maybe it will not. This is what the Union is dealing with. Negotiations have been prolonged long enough.  It is time to get it done and wage increase implemented.  Though it is unlikely the deadline will once again be adjusted if the Bargaining Committee believes more progress can be made the deadline may be moved.

While the Union will be making a recommendation on whether to accept or reject the final offer, Local 94 understands that it is your contract, and each of you will have an opportunity to cast your secret ballot vote. A majority of the votes will decide the issue.

If the NAES offer remains unacceptable, before any strike or work stoppage, Local 94 has some other avenues it will take to convince NAES that its offer is substandard and needs to be improved. As you know from the original representation campaign, Local 94 has been very effective in its negotiations with Public Service Electric and Gas, one of the largest and most powerful utilities in the United States. Local 94 has the talent, experience and knowledge to get things accomplished through indirect means and pressure points. So, while Local 94 wants you to start getting prepared, this is not the time to get hesitant or apprehensive. Local 94 stands behind you and with you, and continues to fight for you.